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 pgmClient - Die deutsche Version des Palace Avatar Chat C-Client
This is a client limitation that is being identified, and it crashes exactly as explained, which is when the client tries to view the user or room list. However, the maximum number of rooms that can be on a Palace server can vary quite a bit depending on the total number of characters in the all of the room names. In tests I had previously run and reported to another list, in a pserver.pat file with room names that average 13 characters in length, the maximum number of rooms that will be allowed before the windows client will crash is 1194. When I tested again with room names that were 24 characters in length, the client failed at 797 rooms. When I tested with room names that were only 8 characters in length, the client allowed 1434 rooms before hitting the failure point. It sounds like Anthony's tests were performed on a server which has room names that average 12-13 characters in length, which is what results in a client failure at 1170 rooms. Anthony is making an excellent point. Although you can try deleting some rooms, or making some of the room names shorter, it probably makes more sense to split something that large into multiple servers.
Andy (Glide)
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