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 m.Edge's diary
 Cops and Songs 10.03.2003 (22:01 Uhr) m.Edge
Finally the diaries are online. And I have to tell you the first story.
It is now five days ago, that I touched a car with the van of my boss. It's been a little scratch at the bumper (which was varnished), but I didn't recognize the 'crash'. Five hours later, the cops got into the store I am working at and refered to me crashing a car.
What the fuck is this shit about. The fucking ho' who played the fucking witness couldn't tell me that I had a crash. No I drove about 7 km/h in the inner city. Fuck it...

On Friday, Nobe and me recorded three songs, which were 'Rockstar Baby', 'Daddy Told You' and 'Plastic Head'. It's been a long and exhausting work, but fnally we did it. It is great to work with Nobe. He knows what to do and when to do. I think the songs are really good recorded, without loosing their live-character.
This or next week, we will record the rest of the upcoming EP.
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