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9 strong and unreleased Bombs compiled by L’ELF
Always this positive Vibe with our style: “Neo Full On”

1. MEKKANIKKA - Outside World

2. TRIPTYCH - Platypus

3. PSYPILOT - Train to Nowhere

4. MUMBO JUMBO – Ensnared

5. NINJA - Brazalien

6. TRIPTYCH - Accelerator

7. WIZZY NOISE - Aqua Blue

8. BUS AND COZI - Stray light

9. T.I.T. - Reality (Soft drink remix)

After the release of the Mumbo Jumbo album, here comes the new Turbo Trance Compilation, the fourth one, the “Unbreakable” one!! ....with 9 unreleased tracks skilfully compiled by Dj l’Elf.
Featuring Mekkanikka with a nice psychedelic morning track to open the Cd. Two tracks from Triptych with a first one in his groovy style; and the "Accelerator" Label Tour tune, with new “full-on” direction...will kill the dance-floor for sure!
A new project very promising, Psypilot from Switzerland will transport you in his “Train to Nowhere”, perfect for sunrise! ....And Ninja expose his “Brazalien” feelings in a tribal-psychedelic track.
This compilation also includes tracks from well-known projects as Wizzy Noise with a very surprising morning masterpiece! ....also included, a special groovy,strong and Psychedelic time from Mumbo Jumbo. And Bus with Super Cozi with a very glamorous track in their own style. To conclude this “Unbreakable” compilation, a down-tempo track by T.I.T, the
Ambient master of the label... to share with a “Soft Drink”.


You can order “Unbreakable” and all our productions on our online shop:

Turbo Trance records
3 rue St Exupery
13580 La Fare les Oliviers
Tel: 0033.490.425.019
Mobile: 0033.603.561.965

E mail:
MSN Messenger:
Website :

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TTrCD005- Mumbo Jumbo album “Speaking in Tongues”

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TRIPTYCH album “Lost Paradises” – TTrCD007 / Release date: 10/2003

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