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 PartyDates South

 Triptych's album 22.09.2003 (00:48 Uhr) Onyks
Finally the long awaited debut album of charles michaud 's(ex walhalla) solo's project is being released on the rising french label Turbo Trance Records

After the success of their last “Unbreakable” compilation, Turbo Trance Records proudly presents the first Triptych album : “Lost Paradises”

charles michaud already performed Live show all over the world and he is considered as one of the most promising artist of the new full-on generation.

His music takes a new direction in psytrance music, caracterized by an effective mixture of groovy rhythmics, warmy basslines, powerfull breaks and ecstatic melodies.

Tracks are always evolving to shiny atmospheres, and rising with energy to a powerfull “daylight full-on” style, very uplifting... perfect for sunny days.

This album presents nine unreleased tracks dedicated to the Sun and his flowers....

1. Thought Transfer - 144 bpm

2. Contact - 144 bpm

3. Nitrogen and Oxygen - 144 bpm

4. Sunflowers - 145 bpm

5. The path - 146 bpm

6. Recording the report - 147 bpm

7. Accelerator (paradise mix) - 145 bpm

8. Pegasus - 140 bpm

9. One shot - 109 bpm

release date : 01/10/03

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