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 Geniale Beschreibung 07.04.2005 (19:06 Uhr) racer (Master)
Grüezi and Welcome in Switzerland

Dear tourists from near and far! Please come to Europe! But do not only
visit Rome or Paris with their very old buildings but also Zurich with
its very new image! Perhaps you will be a bit confused in the
beginning, but that's exactly what it's all about!

When you land in Kloten, you will first think you are in Munich, but then
you'll have a big laugh when it turns out to be just a joke of the witty
airport-owners (unique). You are in Switzerland and not in Germany,
which is easy to understand as the local taxi driver speaks Albanian and
Turkish. He will bring you to Zurich, which we call Downtown Switzerland,
or, if
you prefer, to Opfikon-Glattbrugg, which we call Bronx Switzerland.

Visit the Bahnhofstrasse (Times Square Switzerland) and the Chreis Cheib
(Lower East Side Switzerland). Then go to the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station
Switzerland), look at the Alfred-Escher-Denkmal (Statue of Liberty
Switzerland) and take a train to Lugano (Little Italy Switzerland).On
your way back, make a stop at Luzern (Chinatown Switzerland) and visit
the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Now you have the choice to go Bern
(Washington D.C Switzerland), where the Bundesrat is governing and
almost fighting, or to visit Schaffhausen (Niagara Falls Switzerland).

By now you will have guessed by yourself that Downtown Switzerland is of
course a candidate for the Olympic Winter games because we have neither
mountains nor snow in Zurich, just a little bit of Pflotsch every three
No problem. Zurich Tourism will bring all the Olympic visitors to the
(Central Park Switzerland), will stopf them into the Albisguetlihaus
(Madison Square Garden Switzerland) and make them hear a concert by
Nella Martinetti (Fats Domino Switzerland).

Now I wish you a very nice stay in Switzerland. At the end of your holiday,
go back to the airport. If you are very lucky, our national airline or
another one will fly you back home, if not, just throw away your
passport and go to the next church, they will give you food and you can
remain in Switzerland forever.

Touristen Informations Zenter Zürich International
 Re: Geniale Beschreibung 08.04.2005 (07:11 Uhr) TN77
das is nicht wirklich ernst gemeint, oder? Da trau ich mich net in die Schweiz *grins*

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