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(13.02.2018, 10:21 Uhr)

 Forum des TV Fürstenfeld

The Hungarian Sprint Championship will be next to lake Balaton on 3 September. I forgot to ask Thomas before WOC, if anybody from TV Fürstenfeld would like to come. We expect especially those competitors, who are already the member of ZTC, like Karin Leonhardt, Sophie Killman, Tobias Killman, Joachim Friessnig, Cristian Leonhardt, Tommi Hudax and Thomas Krejci. The competition will be in Balatonfüred. We plan to have a nice weekend together at our team leaders weekend house, which is close to Balatonfüred on the coast of lake Balaton! The championship will be on Saturday, but on Sunday there will be a middle distance competition on one of the terrains of University WOC in 1996.
Sorry for my late question. The entry deadline is tonight, but we will try to get a few days (until Tuesday) late. I'm waiting for the reply on my e-mail!

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