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 Der Dollar 10.03.2003 (20:58 Uhr) ichbinmotz
Im Text ist es sehr banal ausgedrückt, dass die VS Dollarnoten druckt und so praktisch zu kostenlosem Reichtum kommt.

Ist es richtig, dass Devisen in Dollar in Europa nur so erhalten werden können, dass Länder Waren und Dienstleistungen in die VS exportieren?

 Re: Der Dollar 15.03.2003 (15:50 Uhr) Unbekannt
An interesting reading indeed. I was truly inspired to learn that some countries begin to rely on BARTER rather than money...

The main problem on Earth is money, not any commodity. Monopoly of oil is maintained ONLY because of high profits associated with it.
 Censorship - is it true? 15.03.2003 (15:51 Uhr) Unbekannt
I was quite innocent about monetary system This article opens my eyes. It allows me to see why barter is far better. We get what we need under barter system. The idea of accumulation of wealth becomes irrelevant. Individual gains more freedom and independence. In monetary system, we give away such independence and freedom. Worst still, we are being controlled by the financial institutions like puppets while they are becoming richer and richer and we are becoming poorer and poorer in a dogs eat dogs world. No doubt jealousy, conflicts and wars erupt!

ABC Australia ( runs a moderated people`s Forum to discuss the Iraq war issue. Someone has submitted the above topic as a possible reason for the forthcoming war. @2 days later the topic was removed and no longer can be found. I wonder why...
 Re: Censorship - is it true? 21.03.2003 (12:14 Uhr) Sándor
I got a leaflet that says:

It is an illegal war: international war doesn't allow for 'pre-emptive strikes'
It is an unnecessary war :Iraq poses no threat to other states
It is gruesome murder of innocent people: the UN estimates that 30% of Iraqi Children under 5 could die of malnutrition as a result of this war.
The majority of people understand this.
That is why the biggest political demonstration this country has ever seen took place in February
That's why the UN refuses to give their war its support.
That's why the Government suffered the biggest rebellion of any British Government for centuries.
We must not let Bush and Blair, and perhaps most importantly, the Iraqi people, this disgusting war is waged in our name.

This leaflet doesn't appeal me at all. It doesn't make people think. It also seems to suggest that war can be legal. As Tom has said, so far people on Earth cannot even agree that war leads nowhere. It is so correct as illustrated by the above leaflet. Instead they should put something like,

War has started.
Can wars really stop terrorist attacks in America?
Will there be another war after Iraq?
Don't wars ignite and amplify hatred among people?
Why this war is SO URGENT for Bush ?
What are the hidden motives of Bush in this war?
He said he is helping the Iraqis to change the regime. Are his motives sincere?

I will be e-mailing them for the change.
 Anti-War leaflet? 21.03.2003 (12:29 Uhr) Motz
The original leaflet is not even grammatically correct.

Perhaps people on Earth should begin acting coherently before more wars are declared "legal" and civilian protests become "illegal".

Shortly after Stalin or Hitler introduced similar "laws" - concentration camps were created to "accomodate" the growing number of those who continued to think. Do we REALLY need to go through this AGAIN?
 Re: Anti-War leaflet? 28.03.2003 (15:28 Uhr) D.J.
What would you do if the U.S wanted to invade your country? Do you fight? Do you protect yourself? Do you sit and let them take pieces out of you? Do you let them come in and install the `regime` that they choose? Do you leave the country (knowing they may invade where you move to at a later date)? Do you allow them to kill you or your family knowing that you are consciousness and will continue after death?

I personally know i wouldn`t want to kill another human but where do we draw the line? Is there a line?

Changing the leaders in this country for example to a Government chosen by the American Government doesn`t appeal to me. What if i figured that my consciousness would be perverted more by the new `installed government` that is taking control by force. Would i allow them entry or would i fight??
 BOYKOTT? 28.03.2003 (15:40 Uhr) Motz
Why don't you study what Ghandi did to overcome the British Empire without a single gunshot? He inspired people to THINK, rather than fight. This is more powerful than any army, because it makes any army or fight irrelevant.

Why can't we inform people what the "US freedom" really means? A record trade deficit, record debt (UD$63 trillion or 60% of GDP), widespread crime, corruption and drug abuse - all beyond control, justice system based on injustice, business based on exploitation, misinformation and deceit, food that has to be irradiated to be proclaimed "safe"...

Would you want such a "freedom" for your children? Do you know anyone who would? Why can't we do something about it?


 Beitrag im Online Standard 04.04.2003 (19:08 Uhr) Motz
Steht die US-Wirtschaft vor einem Kollapps?

> _____________
 Euro ist 1,25 Dollar wert 31.12.2003 (16:41 Uhr) Motz,1518,278806,00.html
 Re: Euro ist 1,25 Dollar wert 31.12.2003 (18:42 Uhr) Lissy
Eigentlich ist er schon 1,26 Dollar wert. Habens grade in den Nachrichten gesagt.

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