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 m.Edge's diary

 Burning Flag 11.03.2003 (21:27 Uhr) m.Edge
One topic I always wanted to mention is thing of the Flag Of The United States Of America.
The flag must be a representing symbol for the "dignity" and "power" of the U.S.A.. It musn't fall on the ground, it musn't blow in the rain and if a bird shits on it the honor of the whole nation is polluted for all time.
It seems to me that flag is worth more than a human being. How far has that to go? If I spit on the German Flag anybody would care. Perhaps due to the missing name of our flag. Why the fucking hell does a fucking rag earn an own name. And why the fucking hell is it a crime to burn a "functional" 'Stars And Stripes' rag? And why the fucking hell must you destroy it if it is not fitting anymore?(I hope I won't be executed by the FBI for that.)
I wonder how people to be suppressed. Isn't the U.S. call the Land of Liberty. I don't give a fuck for such a kind of liberty. Hell no.
Another question: How can people be proud of a country which is tremendously stolen from natives? And how can the own the impudence of printing that shit on their 'holy (holy self-denial)' flag?The U.S.A. is producing more and more enemies, except themselves. God bless the liberty...

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