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(26.09.2021, 04:09 Uhr)

 m.Edge's diary

Today, after Bush's speech, my anti-american attitude may have reached its top.
Bush's try for an american hegemony in Europe looks like a medieval crusade against everything non-Christ-praising. Of course, it is very easy to place his fat butt on his 3 million $ chair and shift litle plastic soldiers on a huge tiny map. He wouldn't have the guts to run towards the front, shooting soldiers, men, women and children. He wouldn't have the guts to press the button for activating the bomb in his tactical aircraft.
Burn the flag, burn the rag.
Are millions of civilians worth the fucking oil?
Is Bush satisfied to be compared directly to Hitler?
Shouldn't imperialism be a political left-in-the-past problem?
And the worst thing is that Bush won't be able to conquer the whole world in his carrier. What a pity, bitch.
When talk about Bush trying to create a new 3. Reich, but the legal way, I am a heretic. Oh shit, how many heretics this world concludes.
George, you won't get my fucking house, bitch.

God punish America.
God bless all of you, motherfuckers.


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