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 m.Edge's diary

 03212003 22.03.2003 (14:43 Uhr) m.Edge
Yesterday we performed at the Devil 8 club in Altomünster. The crowd was a minimized school class - about 20 people. We started to play and after half an hour we changed with the guys of Lost Rose. I felt like it has been the worst performance ever, due to my sobriety. The second time we stepped on stage was even worse. We lost at play for about 3 songs. But nevertheless the owner of the shed ask us to play again - today. No problem - except the lack of musicians: Nailhead went snow-boarding this morning and Oddball isn't available, too. In addition I have the worst cold I ever had.
But I think we wouldn't be Nail In The Back, if we couldn't survive that little disaster. So I hope to see many of you tonight. Nobe and me, we will do our best to fucking rock you.

Today, after Bush's speech, my anti-american attitude may have reached its top.
Bush's try for an american hegemony in Europe looks like a medieval crusade against everything non-Christ-praising. Of course, it is very easy to place his fat butt on his 3 million $ chair and shift litle plastic soldiers on a huge tiny map. He wouldn't have the guts to run towards the front, shooting soldiers, men, women and children. He wouldn't have the guts to press the button for activating the bomb in his tactical aircraft.
Burn the flag, burn the rag.
Are millions of civilians worth the fucking oil?
Is Bush satisfied to be compared directly to Hitler?
Shouldn't imperialism be a political left-in-the-past problem?
And the worst thing is that Bush won't be able to conquer the whole world in his carrier. What a pity, bitch.
When talk about Bush trying to create a new 3. Reich, but the legal way, I am a heretic. Oh shit, how many heretics this world concludes.
George, you won't get my fucking house, bitch.

God punish America.
God bless all of you, motherfuckers.

 prediction 13.03.2003 (23:18 Uhr) m.Edge
Today I had to work for five fucking hours, but for this time writing the content on bottles I was able to clear my head for new lyrics.
If all the members are d'accord, we will write the next new songs with a lot of profoundness and a high level of politic and educational aspects. I am so fucking angry about the politics, which are rolling down from our civil mountain, I have to denounce all the shit that is going on today.

The time for recording more songs is very rare. Although Nobe and me are the only persons who record the EP, we can hardly find the time to continue the work. I fucking hope to finish it with the next recording session and I hope so are you.

God bless you all, motherfuckers.

 Burning Flag 11.03.2003 (21:27 Uhr) m.Edge
One topic I always wanted to mention is thing of the Flag Of The United States Of America.
The flag must be a representing symbol for the "dignity" and "power" of the U.S.A.. It musn't fall on the ground, it musn't blow in the rain and if a bird shits on it the honor of the whole nation is polluted for all time.
It seems to me that flag is worth more than a human being. How far has that to go? If I spit on the German Flag anybody would care. Perhaps due to the missing name of our flag. Why the fucking hell does a fucking rag earn an own name. And why the fucking hell is it a crime to burn a "functional" 'Stars And Stripes' rag? And why the fucking hell must you destroy it if it is not fitting anymore?(I hope I won't be executed by the FBI for that.)
I wonder how people to be suppressed. Isn't the U.S. call the Land of Liberty. I don't give a fuck for such a kind of liberty. Hell no.
Another question: How can people be proud of a country which is tremendously stolen from natives? And how can the own the impudence of printing that shit on their 'holy (holy self-denial)' flag?The U.S.A. is producing more and more enemies, except themselves. God bless the liberty...
 Cops and Songs 10.03.2003 (22:01 Uhr) m.Edge
Finally the diaries are online. And I have to tell you the first story.
It is now five days ago, that I touched a car with the van of my boss. It's been a little scratch at the bumper (which was varnished), but I didn't recognize the 'crash'. Five hours later, the cops got into the store I am working at and refered to me crashing a car.
What the fuck is this shit about. The fucking ho' who played the fucking witness couldn't tell me that I had a crash. No I drove about 7 km/h in the inner city. Fuck it...

On Friday, Nobe and me recorded three songs, which were 'Rockstar Baby', 'Daddy Told You' and 'Plastic Head'. It's been a long and exhausting work, but fnally we did it. It is great to work with Nobe. He knows what to do and when to do. I think the songs are really good recorded, without loosing their live-character.
This or next week, we will record the rest of the upcoming EP.

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