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(20.02.2018, 04:01 Uhr)

 PSY Kaffeeklatsch

 Leaving..... 25.06.2001 MoNK
Hello all my PSY friends , i am posting this message to tell u guys im leaving. The reason is very simple , i have trouble with understanding what u guys talk about aall the time , when ever im in the chat channel i never understand whats going on and i feel that i can't build a good and nice relationship with u guys , <PSY>Crazylegs warned me when i joined the clan. He told me , we all talk german here , and i said to him , ah noproblem i understand a little german coz im dutch etc.But he was right you guys almost only talk german , also on the website forums etc. (I WISH I COULD SPEAK GERMAN)i think to be in a clan is more then only playing , its also about having a nice commiucation with eachother . I know that crazylegs and DaD are really cool guys , its just that i don't talk with them allot coz of the language. also i can see in the gallery that all u guys are really good friends , and when im in a clan i would like to be a part of that , but it just doesn't seem possible concidering u guys live in germany and i live in these are basicly the reasons im leaving . I hope u guys become even bigger then u already are (you deserve it) and i wish u goodluck in future matches . S.B : <PSY>MoNK
 Re: Leaving..... 25.06.2001 Dad
I understand you quite clear ! i think, in your situation, I would have done same thing ! Wish you good luck in the future, you will sure find a high skilled clan !
cya Monk, hope you will stay in our IRC Chan for some talks =)

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