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 PSY Kaffeeklatsch

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 Re: Path pleaze contact me 06.06.2000 Unbekannt
> 73921376
Check you Guestbook entr y on our Site again ( )
Phew - sorry again guys - all has been deleted & we have offically apologised in our news section with a link back to your site - we treat things like that with urgency as we all work hard on our clans & ripping without asking suxx . Glad to hear youre not pissed off about it - respect - but it was an honest mistake. Yep is alittle game server we run for the public & runs quite ok with 10 players - a fun would be great sometime ( we hope to have a badass big bandwidth server running soon ).
Catch you guys later & CuMClan greetingz.
OK, I will do so as soon as I'm at home again.

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