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 Your opinion? 10.01.2002 (10:14) path
Perhaps I get some comments from you on the ideas I got for UControl in the last couple of days.
Here they are:

1st) Saving the war for later re-playing:
I restructured the whole program into real classes divided up into Player-Class, Team-Class, Map-Class and War-Class. (Until beta 4 I just created lots of single variables that were almost independent from each other - a big mess!).
So far nothing special on it. But with this division I now can easily implement a replay function that enables you for example to save a war as a kind of "real" war report on your web site for download. So everyone who's got UControl can download it and watch it whenever he wants to. The time factor then could be changed easily for letting a war "pass" in no-time (just watch the end-result) or for example make a 20-minute-map running in 2 minutes.

2nd) Watch the war not as text or graph, but...
I found a way to query the positions of all players on a server and display them in UControl just by drawing some dots on a white drawboard. This was just for testing purposes but gave me the idea to do some more with it:
Okay, a white background with some blue or red dots on it won't help you to figure out what is going on on the server.
But if it was possible to get an idea which position on the white board is which area in the map it might get more interesting for you.
It could be done easily just by placing a bitmap that is kind of "map-shot" (photo taken from bird-view) on the white drawboard and then place the red and blue dots. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?
Actually this would/will be a lot of work to figure out the boundaries each map has, to draw the corresponding bitmaps and for example place the flag positions on it. I don't know how many maps I will be able to support/build but I think I'll try as much as possible. Perhaps there would someone else out there do so, too (?).

--- UPDATE --- UPDATE --- UPDATE ---
3rd) global war database & real time war board
This one's really mad but worth thinking of it.
I'm thinking about a global war database located somewhere in the internet (e.g @, any other web server).
Every war that is recorded then CAN be send to the db and is publically available via a Web-Interface. This db of course also is search enabled and everyone can let produce it a detailed war-information htmlfile for download so one can use it on his own war section/clan-page (no more war report writing :P).
Perhaps I could also implement a realtime war board that displays all ongoing wars and perhaps the irc channels they are currently reported into (if so).
--- UPDATE --- UPDATE --- UPDATE ---

What do you think of all those crazy ideas? Please tell me your opinion (e.g. all bullshit, not needed, a want-to, a must-have, etc.) on it.
 Re: Your opinion? 10.01.2002 (15:12) Unbekannt
1 sounds nice

and 2:
- sounds also nice
- should be possible to import own "map-shots"
- replay should work for that, too
- perhaps numbered icons, so you know who is where or multiple options like (team) colored points, icons or names
- and should be quickly switch off able server side, for clanwars, since it could be suspected of beeing a cheat, as you could warn your teammates over bc before an enemy attacks.
- another thing are multi layered maps like ie course where multiple levels lie below each other. could be managed by making upper ones bigger or making multiple "maps-shots", but here again you could loose overview, so you should be able to switch between each other, or you make everything flatten, but then that information would be lost :|

but you should also look how much bandwidth it takes to transfer the player-positions

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